Honoring Doug Gilmore in person and at New Brother Celebration 12/3/17.
Mid-Atlantic Brothers.
Please take a moment to reflect and give thanks to one of our own.

Doug Gilmore surrounded by the New Brothers from the November, 2017 NWTA at their Graduation event in DC:

(From the Mid-Atlantic Facebook post):

It seems very appropriate to post this reminder and honoring on Martin Luther King Junior’s day… the challenging confrontation and healing open hand they both embodied serves as a reminder of the risk and service of being a New Warrior leaning into his fear for the sake of a better world.

Many years ago a young and charismatic man lead the New Warrior Washington community to become a training center for the NWTA. That man was Doug Gilmore. In 2005 Doug was injured in an auto accident that left him unable to function at the level he had. Last month the people who knew and loved him had a chance to formally and personally bless and thank him for all he did for us. The photos below are courtesy of Danty Kinny of Washington DC.

Thank you to all the men who RSVP’d and met to honor Doug Gilmore on December 3rd at both a private and public event. It was beautiful to be in the presence of and spend time with the man who fathered and guided our early community and training center of New Warrior Washington.

Thank you to Ron Adolf for planting the seed for this event and for his grace and ongoing support of Doug. If anyone wants to connect with Doug, you can check with Ron about logistics of visiting him or find out for yourself. Doug is at Sunrise Assisted Living facility in Alexandria, VA.

Thank you to all the people who met Doug at the New Brother Celebration for hearing his story and showing him the gratitude we all feel for him.

“I last staffed with Doug in 2002, our community’s 10th anniversary and my 25th staffing. I have always considered him the exemplary MKP leader, certainly one of the finest I have staffed with. His grace, his physicality, his authority are, at least for me, unexcelled in the Project. As a leader in our community, Doug has never been entirely replaced.”
–Richard Wiener.

“I was happy and honored to host the reception for my first mentor and dear friend from our early days in MKP.”
–Robert Powell