men at a Warriors of Color United meeting

WOCU meeting

Warriors of Color United (WOCU) is the name of a national/international organization, a planned MKP Society, an MAA identity community and a local I-Group. We have been in the dream state for at least 8 years, and physically organized since 2015.

Our long-term goal has been the recruitment, initiation, valuation and retention of Warriors of Color. We are also committed to the ascent of those MKP Warriors of Color that are called to serve in leadership capacities — in all areas and at every level of MKP. We are a brother association with African American Warriors, Elders, Lodgekeepers and Hearthkeepers. We have flesh and blood connections with men from all these groups, as well as with our GBTQ Warrior and Young Warrior brethren.

Warriors of Color United meet for a circle in Mid-Atlantic area.

Warriors of Color United meet for a circle in Mid-Atlantic area.

Toward this goal, we had been planning and now have full intention of sponsoring an NWTA focused on Men of Color for November, 2020. We expect not only Leaders but Staff and Initiated men of color to come from all over the hemisphere, and perhaps beyond it.

Our local Mid-Atlantic Area I-Group meets regularly at a church in Hyattsville, MD, and we stay in touch personally, electronically (phone, text and Zoom video conference) and via services like Doodle polls and Whozin’?

We are proud to serve our communities and the MKP Area in many capacities. WOCU men serve on the Area Council and have important roles throughout the area and organization. Recently we were the principle planners and hosts of a successful IGFT training.

WOCU members are proud to celebrate ourselves, and share our gifts with others to create a better, stronger, more equitable MKP community for all of us.

men of color gathered for circle facilitation training

WOCU’s sponsored IGFT (men’s circle facilitation training), 2018.

circle of empty chairs

Men of color are invited to join WOCU