Tthe Mid-Atlantic Area will be holding its next NWTA from April 26th through April 28th, 2019, at Claymont Court in Charles Town, West Virginia, 25414.

This Training will be hosted by a local, area community. Men from all over the Mid-Atlantic Area will be participating. Are you ready to find out what you’re made of?

click here: NWTA Registration Info

Registration for the weekend event is open.

If you can’t attend the April weekend adventure, then sign up for a subsequent one in 2019. There are two NWTA’s scheduled in 2019 as well as a third GBTQ gateway NWTA.

The New Warrior Training Adventure – the most recognized and respected modern initiation experience for men in the world (newwarriortraining.org). To date, over 50,000 men have attended this intense 48 hour experience. The ManKind Project USA conducts over 80 New Warrior Training Adventures [NWTAs] per year, relying on communities of men and volunteer staff for logistical support.

For more information or to register to attend a New Warrior Training Adventure,

click here: NWTA Registration Info