Registration is now open for the Integral Zen retreat on 5-8 March, 2020

IMZ provides powerful tools, practices,and perspectives for shadow work. Those familiar with IMZ Retreats know it helps participants experience a much deeper taste of their true selves as well as discover the real nature and purpose of emotions. Emotional energy experienced from pure, selfless awareness combined with mature emotional understanding forms the foundation for truly deep shadow, trauma and attachment work.  

The Enlightening Your Shadows Meditation Retreat takes that shadow work to a much deeper level using a powerful and insightful combination of Mondo Zen, shadow work, and Integral theory. If you are committed to continue Growing Up AND Waking Up AND Cleaning Up, then THIS is the retreat for you!!

This retreat is open to and appropriate for all genders regardless of whether you’ve done MKP, Woman Within, or similar work. It is an adventure that can change your life — the door is open, but YOU must walk through.

The retreat will be held in the historic Claymont Mansion, built in 1840 for the Washington family. 

For more information and enrollment:  http://www.integralzen.org

For any other questions, please contact Jason Douglas, jtdouglas@gmail.com