Fellow Warrior Brothers,  Are you up for a Battle with your Demons and Shadows?  Many men who have done time are highly skilled at understanding and accepting the flaws of humanity.  This makes for a safe space to explore our own “What’s at Risk?” in getting to know ourselves more deeply. We may even find that we are spending time … in denial.


There’s another reason to do an 18-hour weekend in the pokey ( it’s a much cheaper adventure than the NWTA!), and it raises our multicultural awareness and sensitivity.  No surprise, 75 to 85% of the “residents” are men of color. Your giving these victims of poverty, racism, poor schools, food deserts (all those great “gifts” the power elites have bestowed on their victims) your loving attention and respect.  It makes a big difference in the quality of prison life.  And it will make a big difference in your soul as well. Consider it a form of reparations. Consider it a free University of Social Justice. 


Three Warrior Brothers, Francis Wayne, Harry Goldwater and I will be  co-facilitating (with residents who have completed the same training as the outside ” fortunate” ones). in November and December.


Drop me a message if you’d like to know more.

Alex, Dancing Mountain 96′