Your brothers in the LKS are pleased to provide another  special opportunity for learning, experience and connection and, at least for a moment before the circumstances of life force us to turn,  to Walk the path of our Talk again!

Have you wanted the opportunity to learn more about the Sunday Morning Purification and Renewal Ceremony?  
Have you wondered about the process of creating the space for the ceremony as well as the practical aspects of constructing the structure and conducting a safe ceremony?
Or have you just wanted a deeper connection to the Spiritual? 

Is it just time for you to “sweat,” Purifying and Renewing through Ceremony as a New Warrior?

Well, as we say in the LKS, just show up!

When:  Saturday, February 22nd 

                10:00 a.m.  Begin Reconstruction of Structure
                 2:00 p.m.  (approximately, and depending on how things proceed) Fire Lighting Ceremony
                 4 “ish”  (After all, this is on Spirit time 🙂 The intention is to “go in” and purify and renew ourselves as New Warriors!
                 6 “ish”  Conclusion of ceremony and sharing of food, with conversation and further teaching.

Where: Gaia Healing Center    8002 Dollyhyde Road   Mt Airy MD
Who:  Any initiated Man (This is an MKP event limited to men who have completed an NWTA.)

Other Details:
1.  Drink plenty of water in preparation.
2.  Refrain from alcohol, recreational drugs, and other consciousness altering things for AT LEAST 72 hours prior to the ceremony.
3.  Bring some food to share for after the ceremony.
4.  Bring a towel and something to wear into the ceremony such as a bathing suit or shorts.
We are looking forward to seeing you around the fire!


For  further information and for any questions please contact the co-headmen and RSVP to them:

Bloomer   Matt Schweitzer
240-641-3776      443-570-8888