Men of the Mid-Atlantic,
You are cordially invited to attend one of the greatest events of your MKP life.
On December 7th, 2019 the Mid-Atlantic Leader Body will conduct our semi-annual Leader Track Hot Seats! 
Date: Saturday, December 7th
Time: 11 am – 1 pm
Christ Congregational Church
Room 108

9525 Colesville Road

Silver Spring, MD 20910

The location is immediately off the beltway.

Several men who are already on the Leader Track will be sitting to be blessed in their leader path. These men are:
  • Tim Illig will sit for the blessing to go to NALB to sit for Co-Leader
  • Kevin McCoyd will sit to be re-certified as a Co-Leader
We are inviting YOU to come and attend as a community member and see what happens “beyond the pale” of everyday MKP experiences.
You are also invited to consider your place in the work and speak up if you are thinking about stepping onto the path as a Leader In Training. This will be your only opportunity between now and next June to have a hot seat and step onto the path.
If now feels like your time and you have 8 or more staffings, please take the following steps.
1. Talk to a few people you trust in MKP. Ask them how they see you gaining and giving as a man on the leader track and if they have any reason for you to either strongly consider it or for you to check in with yourself and your life before moving forward.
2. If you want to move forward you must select an official leader track mentor. This person must be a certified co-leader. They can be from the local community or from other areas.
3. Reach out to Bob Vollinger- VollingerMKP@gmail.com and my cell: 301-675-5123 by November 27 to let him know you want a slot on the hot seat docket.
4. Prepare for your hot seat with your mentor.
If you are uncertain about what leader track really is or what a hot seat is, you will find below an explanation from our Area Steward, Michael Cervino.
“A Hot Seat is a process a man goes through to be blessed to hold a leadership position or move up in leadership. Think of it like a job interview only the questions are much more probing and challenging. For example, “What limiting self-belief holds you back in your leadership and what work are you doing to get beyond that belief?”
Specifically for the Leader Body – the Leader Body is the group of men who are committed to learning how to be NWTA leaders. There are 4 tiers in that ladder — kind of an apprenticeship model. Leader In Training is the first step which usually happens after 10 staffings a man asked to get a Hot Seat to become an LIT. Then Co-Leader Candidate (CLC), Co-Leader and Full Leader.  For a CLC, you have to attend the LT-3 training before you can sit to be a CLC. And to go to LT-3, you need the blessing of your area…which you get that blessing through a Hot Seat. Put another way, a man who wants to become a CLC has to get hot seated once for the LT-3, then after the training a second time to get CLC certified.  But usually, the man will staff 3-6 times more after the LT3 before sitting for CLC.” 
Here’s a link to the MidAtlantic Area Hot Seat Protocol if you want to read up on how we do it locally.
If you have more questions about leader track and the many blessings and burdens that it offers, please reach out to a man on our local leader body for a conversation. Below is a list of all MAA men on the leader track whom you can contact about joining Leader Track or the Hot Seat process in general:

Kevin McCoyd – kevinmccoyd@hotmail.com
David Rose – drredcat@drdavidrose.com
Chance Taureau – chancetaureau@mac.com
Noah Sachs – nsachs2@gmail.com
Tim Illig – tillig@comcast.net
Frank Asher – green.larue@gmail.com
Michael Cervino – michaelcervino@gmail.com
Joe Bernstein – joebernstein81@gmail.com
Bob Vollinger – VollingerMKP@gmail.com
David Marshall – dmm61.mkp@gmail.com
Chris Byrd – chrisw_byrd@yahoo.com
Robert Powell – robertg.powell@verizon.net