We know that there are a lot of you out there wondering how to get your I-Groups up and running online. 


The information in this email is available at: https://mkpconnect.org/info/support-online-i-groups

  • Share Resources and Start Meeting! (see below) 
  • Use MKP USA’s Large Group Meeting Spaces. (see below)
  • We have Free Zoom Accounts Available. (see below)

AND … We have volunteer resources available to help you and support your I-Group in getting going … contact onlineigroup@mkpusa.org for Leadership Support with your Online I-Group.   


Share Existing Resources (and Start Meeting!):  If you are a New Warrior and have a PRO Zoom account (or any other Video Conference Solution!) that you are using to host meetings, please share your account with other groups in your community or your area. If you need support in how to set up your account to allow others to host, see theOnline I-Group Host Guidedocument andOnline I-Group Participant Guide. 


Large Group Meeting Spaces:  MKP USA is offering large group spaces for any group to use during the week. We are using a feature called “Breakout Rooms” so that we can accommodate many groups in a limited number of PRO Zoom accounts  We set up meeting spaces during the most common meeting times for I-Groups across the USA. See the calendar – go to MKPConnect to learn more https://mkpconnect.org/info/support-online-i-groups and to register your I-Group for a breakout room.  

Large Groups in Area Zoom Accounts:  If you are an Area I-Group Coordinator, Steward, Admin, or Community Coordinator and you have access to a PRO Zoom account already, we encourage you to use Zoom Breakouts in your Area to make more space for groups to meet, and to create a sense of solidarity and community.  See theOnline I-Group Host Guidedocument,  or email communications@mkpusa.org. 

If you are a New Warrior with some technical skill and time to offer, we would love you to become an Online I-Group Host in our shared space.  Please let us know your availability here.


Get a Free Zoom Account:  If your I-Group would like a free Zoom account number to use for your meetings, we can create a Free Account for your I-Group to use.  These accounts have a time limit of 40 minutes built in, which you can use as short ‘Break’ times for members of the group, and then rejoin to continue the meeting.  Complete this form to get a Free Account. 


AND … there are many projects underway … 

In the coming weeks, MKP USA will launch ‘Check-In Groups’ for New Warriors and men who have not completed the New Warrior Training Adventure to sit together, share, and be acknowledged.  If you have experience with Open Men’s Groups and Open Circles and would like to participate in this new and exciting possibility for connecting with men, please let us know 

This is a very challenging time for all of us.  We, New Warriors, have something beautiful and needed to offer the world.


It is a time for physical distance.

It is a time for social & emotional connection. 

We do not need to be isolated.

I am not alone. 

You are not alone.

We, together, will come through. 


Thank you, 

Boysen Hodgson
ManKind Project USA Communications

Assistance for Online I-Groups.  As the Covid-19 pandemic has rearranged nearly every aspect of our lives, I-Groups have never been more important. Josh Walsman, Golden Retriever, the MKP USA I-Group Council Chair has been blown away, again and again in recent weeks, by the incredible resourcefulness of MKP I-Groups as MKP USA has moved hundreds and hundreds of meetings online.  The I-Group Council has learned a lot, and has chosen to share the most important resources directly with each I-Group.  The MKP USA Online I-Group Participant Guide offers the best guidance for successful, safe online I-Group meetings in one place.  A PDF version of the guide is attached for you to share with all your I-Group members.

Support for online I-Group meetings is also available from the Online I-Group Leader Training.  Request support HERE.
If you are hosting an I-Group using Zoom, there is a great link to create safety and prevent unwanted visitors from interfering with your group HERE.

In Brotherhood,
Josh Walsman
Golden Retriever
MKP USA I-Group Council Chair