Working with Your Personal Shadows: A Webinar for Men

Co-led by Don Koehler and Tom Daly*

Saturday, September 26, 2020

Webinar Overview

Shadows are blindspots that show up as emotionally reactive judgments towards others. Aspects of ourselves we do not want to face and that we were conditioned to split off and disown, eventually no longer seen, are transferred or superimposed onto others who in some way remind us of a disowned part of ourselves. These disowned psychic qualities affect our relationships and wellbeing in profound ways.  Yet, we need these disowned parts to be whole, fulfilled, and to grow.   


Opportunity for Change

This webinar will help you own your shadow to be more fully alive, open, resilient, and less reactive.  You will be able to identify what is in shadow and leaks out in reactivity and resistance. As men, we know how unhealthy masculinity negatively impacts our world in profound ways.  This webinar supports you fully owning manhood in a healthy way that wakes you up, connects to our aliveness, and heals relationships.  This is your opportunity, a vital step on your soul journey.  


What to Expect

There will be 3 hours of intensive work in the morning and 3 hours in the afternoon with an extended time for lunch.  There will be learning segments and interaction in triads and with the larger group.  There will be movement, meditation, discussion, and emotional process work to make this an interactive Zoom experience that relies on your presence and input.  


Time & Date:   9:30 AM EDT – 5:30 PM EDT

Saturday, September 26, 2020.

Cost:  $179 for registering by September 23;  $209 after.  

Signing On:  A Zoom link will be sent by email for the meeting at 9:20 AM.  (If you haven’t used Zoom, there will be a link for downloading this free app onto your computer or phone.) 

Materials:  Handouts and Pre-Class Surveys on identifying and integrating shadows will be sent to you upon registration. Have a pen and paper handy when the webinar begins.

Registration & Payment:  Contact Don Koehler at donkoehlerphd@gmail.com, or call him at 720-308-3340 for questions, registration, and payments.


*Tom and Don were trained in shadow work by Cliff Barry, the founder of Shadow Work® facilitation. 

See https://shadowwork.com/cliff-barry/.  

Tom can be reached at tom@livingartsfoundation.com