Mid-Atlantic Mission & Vision

The Mid-Atlantic area has it’s own mission and vision that work in conjunction with the Mankind Project mission and vision.

Mission of Mid-Atlantic Area

We create a more connected world by growing and supporting a diverse community honoring the values of authenticity, integrity, and service.

Vision of Mid-Atlantic Area

Our vision is a peaceful, bountiful and joyous world in which men of all races cooperate naturally and honestly with one another, enjoy equal partnership with women and all work together creating equitable communities that cherish our children, revere our elders and value all beings with whom we share this universe. We envision a time when Warriors’ love and respect for ourselves and one another will spread like ripples in a pond, encompassing all people, celebrating our differences of color, culture, ability and love orientation, and lead to a quiet revolution in the way we treat all other human beings, our brother and sister creatures of spirit and all aspects of Mother Earth and Father Sky themselves.

map of Mid-Atlantic Area
Map of Mid-Atlantic Area