The Next New Warrior Training Adventure

by Spriggan Radfae on March 13, 2018

Following a successful New Warrior Training Adventure in March of this year, the Mid-Atlantic Area will be holding its next NWTA from June 22nd through June 24th, 2018, at Claymont Court in Charles Town, West Virginia, 25414.

This Training will be hosted by a local, area community. Men from all over the Mid-Atlantic Area will be participating. Are you ready to find out what you’re made of?

click here: NWTA Registration Info

Registration for the weekend event is open.

If you can’t attend the June weekend adventure, then sign up for a later one November 30th through December 2nd, 2018.

The New Warrior Training Adventure – the most recognized and respected modern initiation experience for men in the world (newwarriortraining.org). To date, over 50,000 men have attended this intense 48 hour experience. The ManKind Project USA conducts over 80 New Warrior Training Adventures [NWTAs] per year, relying on communities of men and volunteer staff for logistical support.

For more information or to register to attend a New Warrior Training Adventure,

click here: NWTA Registration Info

Mid-Atlantic Area at 25 Years

by Spriggan Radfae on March 12, 2018

The Mid-Atlantic area (started in 1992 and originally called New Warrior Washington) turned twenty-five years old last year. Tom Caruso and many other men helped coordinate a special celebratory event at Pulcinella’s restaurant in McLean, VA. In addition to the party, the Mid-Atlantic area also created commemorative t-shirts and a keepsake book. If you didn’t get either one at the party, you can still purchase them and help raise funds for our area (see below).


If you don’t know the history of the Mid-Atlantic area, you should buy one of the keepsake books and read about our area’s early beginnings. Here is a quick history of the area’s formation courtesy of Robert Powell:

“We’ve always used 1992 as the start of New Warrior Washington (NWW), the first name (followed by “Greater Washington” when we incorporated and then “Mid Atlantic” when we unified), because our first NWTA was held in July of that year. The first DC Warrior was Ed Honnold, who went to Wisconsin in August 1989. Over the next three years, more men (referred to as the Silver Warriors from the silver banner on the Center Staff, added in their honor) became Warriors and formed the first I-Groups. In 1991, they decided to form a Center and hold NWTAs. When the Center certification process was codified, NWW was grandfathered in as a Full Center without having to go through the formal process.

So, Centers — now Areas — mark their origins either from their first NWTA or when they were formally recognized as a Developing Center by the Center Council. Hence, the 1992 date for DC.”


25th Anniversary T-shirts (price varies by style)*:

Commemorative book (hardcover with e-book also available)*:
Book purchases are a two-step process.

  1. First, make a donation to the Mid-Atlantic area here for the book amount: https://mkpconnect.org/civicrm/contribute/transact?reset=1&id=62 or click DONATE in the navigation menu above. If you want to buy just a hard copy, then donate $26, and if you want both the printed copy and the e-book, then donate $36.
  2. Then email a copy of your donation receipt to midatlantic-finance@mkpusa.org. Tom Caruso, NoVa Community Coordinator, is overseeing book orders.


Mid Atlantic area bookThe hard copy book is $20 plus $6 shipping, and if you also want the eBook add $10. The eBook not only provides a PDF of the printed book, it also includes most of the NWTA Group Pictures for the first 25 years of MAA as well as rosters of New Brothers for each of these trainings, as well as other pictures and rosters.

We have to re-order books, so we will wait until we have accumulated 5-10 book orders before purchasing more; this helps to keep the cost of these books down.

*Fund-raising info about purchases:
For shirt sales, the Mid-Atlantic area charges a 5% fund-raising fee that is automatically included in the price by Zazzle.com. The MAA also earns a referral commission from Zazzle.com IF you purchase a shirt through the link above (which includes the store referral code). All earnings from shirt sales (fund-raising + commission) will be donated to Mankind Project, Mid-Atlantic area. Tom Caruso and Spriggan Crumpler are overseeing the shirt sales and report to the Area Finance Coordinator, Dave Marshall, as well as the area council.

New Brother Celebration, Honoring Doug Gilmore

December 3, 2017

Honoring Doug Gilmore in person and at New Brother Celebration 12/3/17. Mid-Atlantic Brothers. Please take a moment to reflect and give thanks to one of our own. Doug Gilmore surrounded by the New Brothers from the November, 2017 NWTA at their Graduation event in DC: (From the Mid-Atlantic Facebook post): It seems very appropriate to […]

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