2018 New Brother Celebration & Dinner

men gathered before audience

by Spriggan Radfae on March 22, 2018

On Sunday March 18, 2018, a group of men were welcomed into the Mid-Atlantic community as new brothers at a celebration at the Paint Branch Unitarian Universalist Church in Adelphi, MD. If you missed the event, it was a fantastic celebration — well-attended with a potluck dinner afterwards. Men from the Mid-Atlantic council, area men’s circles (I-groups), and friends and family arrived to show their support.

Here’s a brief recap:

The new brothers at the celebration completed their New Warrior Training Adventure on March 4, 2018, and gathered before an audience to share and speak to a wider community about the changes they experienced and thoughts or feelings that arose after reflecting on their adventure. Friends and families of the new brothers were also invited to the celebration and given a chance to speak — many commented on energetic and emotional shifts in the men. Frequently, the comments of spouses and friends elicited laughter from the audience; we men in Mankind Project know all too well how our friends and family see the changes in us. Several of the new brothers were also supported by local men’s circles (I-groups) of which they were already members.

Area Steward, Tim Illig kicked off the celebration, and our area’s NWTA administrator, Dave Marshall, took over as emcee for the event. He introduced the new brothers to our council members and explained their various roles, and he also introduced them to a representative from Woman Within (http://womanwithin.org/) in case they knew of female friends or family that wanted a transformational experience similar to the NWTA.

These men are exceptional not only for their number in attendance at the New Brother Celebration but also because they showed interest in staffing future NWTAs and working within the Mid-Atlantic area. Some are already active in men’s circle and one man participates in the community program Boys to Men (http://boystomen.org/). We welcome these amazing men into our area and look forward to seeing more them in the future.

-by Spriggan
Photos by Spriggan

new brothers at celebration

Jerry S. speaking on behalf of two new brothers.


buffet table for potluck dinner at celebration

Potluck dinner.


The Next New Warrior Training Adventure

by Spriggan Radfae on March 13, 2018

Following a successful New Warrior Training Adventure in March of this year, the Mid-Atlantic Area will be holding its next NWTA from June 22nd through June 24th, 2018, at Claymont Court in Charles Town, West Virginia, 25414.

This Training will be hosted by a local, area community. Men from all over the Mid-Atlantic Area will be participating. Are you ready to find out what you’re made of?

click here: NWTA Registration Info

Registration for the weekend event is open.

If you can’t attend the June weekend adventure, then sign up for a later one November 30th through December 2nd, 2018.

The New Warrior Training Adventure – the most recognized and respected modern initiation experience for men in the world (newwarriortraining.org). To date, over 50,000 men have attended this intense 48 hour experience. The ManKind Project USA conducts over 80 New Warrior Training Adventures [NWTAs] per year, relying on communities of men and volunteer staff for logistical support.

For more information or to register to attend a New Warrior Training Adventure,

click here: NWTA Registration Info

Mid-Atlantic Area at 25 Years

March 12, 2018

The Mid-Atlantic area (started in 1992 and originally called New Warrior Washington) turned twenty-five years old last year. Tom Caruso and many other men helped coordinate a special celebratory event at Pulcinella’s restaurant in McLean, VA. In addition to the party, the Mid-Atlantic area also created commemorative t-shirts and a keepsake book. If you didn’t […]

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