The Second Annual Spirit of Community Gathering was a great success and brought men together from all across the Mid-Atlantic Area including Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, and D.C. Already, there are plans for a third gathering in 2018.

Mid-Atlantic Area Steward, Tim Illig, shares his experience:

“I am still pumped up about the wonderful Spirit Weekend we had this past weekend. Over 70 men came to Claymont Court to connect with each other, learn from each other, heal our wounds, and examine how our personal missions relate to MKP’s mission. The word spirit comes from the Latin word, spiritus, meaning breath. Each of us needs to breathe in order to live or else we die. So, does our Mid-Atlantic Area! I was honored to breathe the air and share space with so many beautiful, powerful, and mature men! This weekend, we were ALIVE!

On Saturday evening, we had a moving Honoring Ceremony where we recognized all those men who have served the MAA and MKP-Greater Washington in any capacity. We especially honored all the past stewards and center directors whose shoulders we stand on. These men gave countless hours serving our area so we can have NWTAs, I-Groups, other trainings, community events, and live the Mission of MKP. They were the face of MAA/GW to MKP USA.

On Sunday, we started the process of developing a shared Mission Statement for the Mid-Atlantic Area. Later, we will create SMART goals on how to live our individual and shared mission together in community. Thank you Matt Schweiter for leading a very diverse team to create the MAA Mission Statement.

There are so many people to thank and I fear I will miss some. Thank you Tim Chumley and your amazing planning committee for organizing this community building weekend. Thank you to MOS for nourishing our bodies with delicious meals. Thank you LKS for connecting us to our beloved Mother Earth with the Purification and Renewal Ceremony. Thank you Elders for nourishing our souls. Thank you Young Warriors for providing us enthusiasm and energy. Thank you Men of Color and GBTQ men for reminding us of how diversely beautiful the world is. Thank you for all the workshop presenters for stimulating our minds. Thank you to the uninitiated men who reminded us what welcoming all men to MKP is all about. Thank you to all men who lead the larger group events.

I am so excited about the possibilities for Mid-Atlantic Area ManKind Project!”

Tim Illig
Majestic Lion
Area Steward
Mid-Atlantic Area